10 Amazing health benefits of turnip

Turnip is a very familiar vegetable for us from the past. It is a seasonal vegetable and mainly it is available in the winter season. Generally, its eatable parts are its transformed root. It’s root which part inside the soil may be white or canary in color. But its upper parts turn into many colors according to its breed. Some of them are red, some of them white, some of them are yellow, some of them are violet. There are so many people in our society while hearing about turnip, they do not like it and wanted to keep it away for its bad smell. Turnip is a great source of sulfur so that it has some bad smell. But this is the funny thing is that this smell fight against bronchitis. Once upon a time people cook and eat turnip with milk as the medicine of bronchitis.

winter king vegetable for a healthy lifestyle

Turnip nutrition value

Generally, the turnip is a winter seasonal vegetable. In each 100gm turnip contains protein 0.5gm, sugar 6.2gm, fiber 0.9gm, fat 0.2gm, energy 29kcal, calcium 30mg, phosphorus 40mg, and vitamin C 43mg.

Turnip is a very nutritious vegetable. You may easily take this vegetable and will get vitamin, calcium, potassium, and a huge amount of fiber. You may also eat turnip’s leaves as vegetables also.

Health benefits of turnip

Prevent diabetics

If your pancreas system will fail to enough amount insulin or your insulin do not work properly this situation called diabetics. The patient who is suffering from diabetics may face urinating more time and feel thirstier. These kinds of patient feel weaker, feel hungry always, lose weight rapidly, and his/her vision turn into blurry more quickly. If you feel these kinds of problem you should eat more green vegetables with medicine. Especially you should eat more turnip. If you are suffering from diabetics it should reduce it more rapidly.

Boost up immunity

If you have the cold cough or fever problem you should add turnip in your diet list. It will help you to boost up your immunity and will help you to supply protein and flavonoids with the healthy membrane.

It is very good for your heart. It has enough amount of vitamin C which will fill up the erosion of cells in your body. It has one essential element in its leaves name glycosylate which will help you to reduce cholesterol from your blood and prevent cancer. Turnip is a good source of fiber so that it is very effective to prevent constipation. Turnip is very helpful to prevent cold, cough, bronchitis and asthma, it will refresh your blood and upgrade the blood cells, it will improve your interest for food, it will reduce the amount of uric acid from the blood and it is has a great impact to prevent skin disease and many others disease.

Control cholesterol

If you are suffering from cholesterol problem you should eat more turnip regularly. Because turnip can it can absorb more peter in the stomach so that it can reduce more bad cholesterol LDL level. It is very effective to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease at all.

Control blood pressure

In 2013 a British Journal name Clinical Pharmacology published research that- turnip is an effective element to control your blood pressure. Turnip is full of potassium so that is will help to increase the artery’s width and get out the sodium from your body. It is very effective to keep balance electrolytes in your body.

Bone health

It has a good amount of calcium besides vitamin and potassium. So that it is very helpful for your bone health. It will help you to keep your bone healthy and make it strong. Keep turnip in your diet list for healthy better bone health.

Improve digestion

Turnip is a great source of fiber. So that it can help your digestion system to work properly. If you have light constipation you may eat more turnip and it can relieve you from constipation as well.

Help in blood clotting obstruction

Turnip is a good source of vitamin K which will help to clot blood obstruction. Vitamin K will be very helpful to produce calcium and healthy arteries. Sometimes arteries may turn into hard in that period vitamin K will help you to relief such kinds of problems.

Improve vision

Vitamin A is essential for work properly with the immune system and protects the increase of cancer cells. Turnip is a good source of vitamin A. For that it will help your eyes to clear its and vision and release from many others’ eye problems like cataracts and night blindness.

Protect from Anemia

Turnip is full of folic acid which is essential to increase your body cells and protect Anemia. This vitamin can protect congenital problems.

Work against arthritis

If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis you should eat more amount of turnip. Because, it contains vitamin A, C, E, calcium, and copper which can fight against this kind of arthritis.

Besides this, the turnip is essential to protect asthma, urinary tract problems, bronchitis, cough, liver problems, obesity, and tuberculosis.

Make it available in your diet table and keep you healthy and wealthy.

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