The Best food to protect covid 19 you may eat

Covid-19. Now this time this is the most familiar word all over the world. But, even a few days ago this word was unfamiliar to us. Now this time we are living in a pandemic called covid-19. We are passing our time through a war. We always wanted to win in a war. But it is such a kind of war where we have no weapons to fight against it. Because no medicine has been discovered yet. Always we are feeling insecure in our daily life. Always we are thinking about when we get infected. It is an invisible enemy so that there is no opportunity to save you from coronavirus without awareness. Only awareness is the weapon to protect covid-19. Maintaining a healthy diet is the best weapon against coronavirus working until now. If you have a strong immune system, it may be protecting yourself from covid-19. Today I will discuss some foods which will help you to improve the immune system and help you to protect corona. It wills also working if is affected by covid 19.

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Healthy food is the weapon against covid 19

Eating a healthy diet is the best weapon to fight against covid pandemic. Since it has no medicine so that, a healthy diet will increase the ability of your body to fight against covid 19. The foods and drinks that we are consuming every day will affect our body to prevent and fight against coronavirus. Not only for covid 19, but it is also always important for our body to boost up our immune system to fight against any kind of virus or disease. A healthy diet and nutritious food always help our body to develop our health problems, obesity, heart attacks, cancer, and many kinds of dangerous diseases like that. Let’s know about healthy diet tips for the life of a covid hero.

Keep an eye out for breakfast

Breakfast is always important for you to start your day fresh. So now this is the time to keep your eyes out for a healthy breakfast in this corona time. Always prefer a healthy and fresh breakfast to start your healthy day. You may always take some fresh fruits and vegetables, and some healthy breakfast bowls. Always think about fresh food which will give you strength and fresh your mind to lead your days well.

Maintain a healthy diet

Fresh fruits and vegetable always boosting your immune system. Every day that food which we are eating affects our bodies. If they will not fresh and healthy it will be the cause of dangerous things in our body. So we should keep more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet list. It will improve our health condition which is more important to prevent covid 19. There are so many vitamins, minerals, and almost nutrition in fresh fruits and vegetables which is important to improve our immune systems. Otherwise, they will help you to prevent many kinds of dangerous diseases like cancer, cholesterol, or strokes.

If you take stored fruits and vegetables please keep your mind its temperature. Without storing fruits and vegetables in proper temperature or uncooked food you should not take in this crucial period. Besides, fresh raw fruits and vegetables you should keep some animal sources in your diet list to fill up the lack of protein in your body. You may choose fresh milk, fish, meat, and eggs. Temperature is one of the best weapons against the virus. Almost all viruses die at a certain temperature. ‍so, what needs to be cooked should always be cooked and eaten now this time.

Always keep in mind that you should take food full of fiber. You may prefer those kinds of fruits, vegetables, and another food item which contains more fiber. It will help you to feel full for a long time. You may take unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat, and brown rice which will also help you to lose your weight also.

Limit salt

Always hearing salt is not well for your body. Always hear that salt can be the cause of your death. Now the time you should take action to it. You should reduce the usage of salt or completely cut back salt from your diet list. When cocking or preparing food consider less salt to it. If you using dry food, always you should keep fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables without adding any kinds of additional salt. You should keep away the salt bottle from your dining table or reducing the amount of consuming salt. You should keep in mind that, you have to check the labels of sodium on food and choose products with lower sodium content.  

Limit sugar and alcohol

It is important to use a certain amount of alcohol with hand sanitizer to protect covid 19. But drinking alcohol is absolutely not healthy to drink always. Drinking alcohol may be the cause of dangerous situations in this corona time. Mental health is one of the best weapon against covid 19. But if you consume regular alcohol it may be the cause of your mental illness. It will damage your mental health slowly. Otherwise, regular excessive consumption of alcohol will be the cause of many dangerous diseases like heart disease and cancer.

You should take limited sugar or cut back it like salt. You should not consume any kinds of drinks like fizzy drinks, juice, energy drinks, or any kind of drinks which contain more sugar. You should drink green tea, red tea, tulsi tea, lemon tea with less sugar or without sugar.

Avoid dessert in this period or take less in amount or chose which contain less sugar. You should take fresh fruits instead of sweet foods or snacks.

Choose healthier fat

Fat is always an enemy for your body. They increase many kinds of complications in our bodies. But some of the cases we need to consume fat. You should choose healthier fat like olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, or corn oil instead of butter ghee and lard in the time of cocking.

Not only cocking time oil but also you should keep in mind these topics when chose meat and fish. You should choose white meat and fish instead of red meat, processed meat or chose meat and fish which contains less fat. You may choose a low-fat dairy product and industrially fat processed food. You should prefer boiling food instead of frying when cocking.

Drink more water

Drinking water is one of the great techniques to keep your health well. The proverb goes that, water is the lord of your health. Cough is one of the symptoms of covid 19, drinking water will reduce it. Drink more water and keep you more hydrated. It will improve your blood circulation and boost up your immune system. Otherwise, more drinking water can be one of the weapons to reduce sugar-containing drinks or alcohol. But always keep in mind that, drink safe water. Dirty or water which containing virus bacteria is always the cause of danger.

If you get infected by covid 19, you may eat Saussurea costus roots, honey, foods that contain Zinc.

This is the healthier diet you may prefer to protect covid 19. Corona period is more crucial for older and babies. Breastfeeding may be the best for babies. Breast milk is healthy and nutritious for babies ages 6 months to 2 years and beyond. For older people, a healthy balanced diet and active life may be the best advice now this period. According to WHO (world health organization), everybody should follow five keys to safer food:

  1. Keep clean
  2. Separate raw and cooked
  3. Cook thoroughly
  4. Keep food at safe temperatures
  5. Use safe water and raw materials.

All of us are passing a very crucial period in our life all over the world. So, keep a healthier diet in your diet list. Improve your immune system and protect covid 19.

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