Star fruits for health and beauty (Carambola)

Today I will share about these kinds of fruits that are neglected by us in many ways. But if you know about these fruits we would not do like this. Today I wanted to share about star fruits. Somewhere it’s known as star fruits. However, we should take so many fruits and vegetables to fulfill our daily body demand. But most of the time we do not draw the importance of that. Now these days everywhere and almost every product are producing by chemicals. These days if you wanted to get fit and lead a healthy happy life for yourself and your family you should keep in mind that organic is best for you and your family.

Star fruits can fulfill your daily nutrition demand.

Maximum time the carambola trees are grown beside the house naturally. Sometimes we plant it with more care. Carambola is a fruit with a mixed color of green and yellow. Some of the time it can take our favorite place in the category of fruits. It may occur in maximum time for women. The fruits are very available in our fruits market also. The price is comparatively low with others. So it can be one of the best choices for your healthy lifestyle. It can fulfill the demand for nutrition in your body and it can remove many diseases from your body. There are two types of carambola in the category of taste. One is sour and others sweet. It’s full of many nutritional elements with vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C is comparatively better than mango pineapple or grapes. The amount of iron in the carambola is more than jackfruits, ripe papaw, lychee, orange or green coconut also.

You may take it very easily as like other fruits. You may prepare jam and jelly also with this valuable fruits also.

Carambola for health

  • The star-fruits may be one of the natural supplements for protecting cancer. The fruits contain algic acid which is effective to protect colon cancer. The antioxidants element of star fruits is also helpful to protect cancer and prevent the spreading of abnormal cells. The fiber elements of these fruits will perform to clean your digestion system and remove toxicity.
  • The raw fruits or its leaves contain tannin which is essential for blood clotting obstruction.
  • The ripe fruits are effective to control bleeding.
  • Boil water with star fruits and its leaves. Then drink it. It will control your vomiting.
  • Its leaves are beneficial for remove worms from your digestion systems.
  • You may eat fry star-fruits allowance with chilies, it will help you to prevent cough or any cold problem.
  • The fruits will increase your interest in foods and boost up the digestion system.
  • The fruits will boost up your immune system.
  • If you feel belly pain you may take star-fruits as medicine. It will give you relaxed. You may take it when feeling fever also.
  • The carambola is sour and cold. So it can be beneficial in sweating, cough and as a pain killer. But keep in mind that the access amount not so well for your body.

Star fruits for skin and hair

  • Star fruits are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. They are the most effective elements for your skin. They are effective for delays in your natural aging system. You will get young for a long time.
  • Carambola cans effective elements for smoothing your skin and increases its glow.
  • It can be the effective elements or face musk for removing acne or for your oily skin.
  • Star fruits contain vitamin B-complex which can increase the glow of your hair and make it strong.
  • One of the best natural remedies for cure hair loss.

Star fruits or carambola is one of the best healthy fruits which are available everywhere on the earth. They are very low in calories and high in dietary fiber. So make it regular if you can lead a healthy happy lifestyle.

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