Sephora near me: Exploring the world of Sephora in the USA offers a comprehensive look into its widespread store locations, unique services, and commitment to sustainability. Whether looking for the nearest store, interested in the latest beauty services or comparing Sephora with its competitors, this guide provides all the essential information.

Key Takeaways

  • Sephora has a significant presence across the USA with 1,477 stores, with California leading with 215 stores.
  • It offers various beauty services and free events, enhancing the shopping experience beyond just retail.
  • The brand is committed to sustainability, offering clean products and implementing environmental commitments.
  • Customers can easily find their nearest Sephora store using online tools or downloading a complete store list.
  • Sephora’s partnership with Kohl’s expands its reach, allowing convenient access to its products and services.

Exploring Sephora Locations Across the USA

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Complete Store List

It boasts a comprehensive presence across the United States with a total of 1,477 locations. These stores are spread across all 51 states and territories, ensuring that beauty enthusiasts from every corner can access their wide range of products. For those interested in a detailed breakdown, a complete list of Sephora locations can be downloaded as an Excel file, which includes geo-coded addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours.

Top 10 States with Most Stores

California leads the pack with 215 stores, making up about 15% of all Sephora locations in the country. This is followed by other states like Texas, which also hosts a significant number of stores. The distribution of stores is strategically placed to cater to the highest demand areas, reflecting Sephora’s deep market penetration and commitment to accessibility.

Cities with the Most Sephora Stores

The urban centers with the most Sephora stores include New York City with 16 locations, Houston with 12, and Las Vegas with 11. These cities are key beauty hubs where Sephora ensures its presence is robust to meet the high customer footfall. Other notable cities include Brooklyn, San Antonio, Miami, Phoenix, Indianapolis, San Diego, and San Francisco, each hosting multiple Sephora outlets.

Services and Events at Sephora

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Beauty Services Offered

At Sephora, customers can indulge in a variety of beauty services tailored to enhance their style. From makeup applications to skincare consultations, each service is designed to meet the unique needs of every client. Explore our beauty services at your local store today.

Free Events and Workshops

Sephora hosts a range of free events and workshops that are perfect for beauty enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and skills. These events cover topics from makeup techniques to skincare secrets, providing valuable insights in an interactive setting.

Exclusive Member Services

For those who join Sephora’s loyalty program, exclusive member services are available. These perks include early access to products, special discounts, and personalized beauty sessions. Members can enjoy these benefits and more, making their shopping experience at Sephora truly unique.

Shopping Experience at Sephora

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Fast and Free Store Pickup

Enjoy the convenience of fast and free store pickup at over 800 Sephora locations across the USA. Simply place your order online and choose the ‘Pickup In Store’ option at checkout. Your items will be ready for pickup in as little as two hours.

Gift Cards Availability

Sephora offers a variety of gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed both online and in-store. This flexibility ensures that you can always give the perfect gift, tailored to the beauty preferences of your loved ones.

Skincare and Fragrance Finder

Discover the ideal skincare products and fragrances for your unique needs with Sephora’s innovative tools. Take the Skincare or Fragrance Quiz online to receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences and skin type.

Sephora’s Commitment to Sustainability

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Clean and Planet Aware Products

Sephora is dedicated to offering beauty solutions that respect the planet. The company has launched a range of Clean at Sephora products, which meet a strict set of formulation standards that exclude certain harmful ingredients and ensure safety for the skin and the environment.

Environmental Commitments

Sephora’s environmental commitments are evident in their sustainable practices and initiatives. These include reducing waste, optimizing resource use, and enhancing recycling programs. A significant highlight is Sephora’s commitment to achieving a 50% reduction in virgin plastic use by 2025.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

The selection of ingredients at Sephora is meticulous, focusing on transparency and sustainability. This approach ensures that all products are not only effective but also safe for consumers and the environment. Sephora champions this cause by integrating sustainability seals on their products, harmonizing their environmental commitments globally.

How to Find Your Nearest Sephora Store

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Store Locator Tools

Finding a Sephora store near you is easier than ever with the use of store locator tools available on Sephora’s official website. Simply enter your zip code or city, and the tool will display all nearby locations along with their hours of operation and available services.

Downloadable Store List

For those who prefer a comprehensive view, Sephora offers a downloadable list of all their stores across the USA. This list includes addresses, contact information, and store-specific services, making it a handy resource for planning your visits.

Tips for Finding Stores Nearby

To ensure you find a Sephora store wherever you are, keep an eye on local shopping centers and major retail areas. Most Sephora stores are located in high-traffic areas to cater to a broad customer base. Additionally, checking out Sephora at Kohl’s locations can provide an alternative shopping experience with exclusive benefits.

Sephora at Kohl’s Partnership

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Benefits of Shopping at Sephora at Kohl’s

The collaboration between Sephora and Kohl’s offers a unique shopping experience, combining the extensive beauty selection of Sephora with the convenience of Kohl’s locations. Customers enjoy the benefits of both worlds, with easy access to top beauty products and the ability to earn and redeem Beauty Insider rewards.

Store Locations and Features

Sephora at Kohl’s locations are strategically placed to maximize accessibility and convenience. These stores feature a wide range of beauty products across various categories, including skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Each location is staffed by Sephora-trained Beauty Advisors, ready to provide personalized consultations.

How to Redeem Gift Cards

Gift cards purchased from either Sephora or Kohl’s can be seamlessly redeemed at any Sephora at Kohl’s store. This flexibility enhances the shopping experience, allowing customers to utilize their gift cards across a wide network of stores, both physical and online.

Comparing Sephora with Competitors

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Market Share and Presence

Sephora, a leading name in the beauty retail sector, holds a significant market share compared to its competitors. In 2023, reported e-commerce net sales of $2,788.7 million, outperforming other top beauty stores like, which had sales of $2,106.5 million. This data underscores Sephora’s robust online presence and its effectiveness in capturing and retaining customers in the digital space.

Product and Service Comparison

Sephora offers a diverse range of products and services that often surpass those offered by competitors. Sephora caters to a wide demographic with exclusive beauty products and personalized services. The brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its extensive product lines and customer-centric services, making it a preferred choice for many beauty shoppers.

Customer Satisfaction Insights

Customer satisfaction is a pivotal aspect of Sephora’s strategy. The brand consistently receives high ratings for customer service, product variety, and shopping experience. Surveys and customer feedback highlight that Sephora’s approach to customer engagement and satisfaction is superior to many of its competitors, which is a key factor in its ongoing success and customer loyalty.


Finding a Sephora store near you in the USA is easier than ever with over 1,477 locations across 51 states and territories. Whether you’re looking to explore beauty services, participate in free events, or simply shop for your favorite products, Sephora offers a convenient and accessible shopping experience. Remember, if your state doesn’t have a Sephora, you can always shop online and enjoy free shipping. For those interested in detailed data, the complete database of Sephora locations is available for download, ensuring you can find a store whenever and wherever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sephora stores are there in the United States?

As of March 19, 2024, there are 1,477 Sephora stores across the United States.

Which state has the most Sephora stores?

California has the most Sephora stores, with 215 locations, making up about 15% of all Sephora stores in the US.

Can I download a list of all Sephora locations in the USA?

Yes, you can download the complete list of Sephora locations, including addresses, phone numbers, and open hours from our data store.

Are there any states without Sephora stores?

Yes, Guam, American Samoa, Wyoming, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands do not have any Sephora stores.

What services and events does Sephora offer?

It offers a variety of beauty services and free events at its stores, including skincare and fragrance consultations.

How can I find the nearest Sephora store?

You can use the store locator tool available on their website to find the nearest store to your location.