Know the secret of French beauty

The French the traditional nation. They are the symbol of tradition. There are everywhere they want to keep a touch of tradition.

France beauty girls
Traditional Beauty of France

In the issue of their beauty, they follow the traditional beauty care. In this modern world when we are racing after technology and chemical. But still, now they are following their tradition. They are looking after their medicine in nature. For why they are different from others and their beauty is natural and stay a long time. In this article, I will discuss some of the tips which are followed by them. And you can follow them for yourself.

They believe in their tradition

They learn from their elders from their childhood. Like – everybody washes their face before going to bed. They do not use any kind of chemical musk for their face beauty. They use natural musk. They use cucumber, strawberry, and honey for a face mask. They use cold water for washing their hair and use vinegar for brightening hair.

They take care of their beauty before going to bed. In sleeping time, the skin would recycling and damages. The women of France cleaning ad scrubbing their skin before going to bed. For moisturizing their skin they use olive oil and almonds oil.


For their health and beauty, they prefer natural water more than others. They have full confidence over water. Always they are wanted to keep themselves more hydrated with water. Besides, they wash their face more times for freshness.

They use normal cold water for their shower. For this, blood circulation may be increased and looks them fresh. For blood circulation, their face looks something pink and they look something pink and they look well.

They always save themselves from the sun. They believe that ultraviolet ray from the sun is not appropriate for the skin. They use an umbrella and wear hate. They use sunscreen cream when go out of the shade.

They do not believe in makeup. They believe in natural beauty. Really, if you wanted to get healthy glowing skin there will not need to makeup. They always use perfume for their attractiveness.

For their hair beauty, they clean it with shampoo. But they do not perform every day. Before doing that they use a comb in their hair so well. They do not dry their hair with a hair drier, they make it dry naturally. Because they believe that if they use hair-drier it can damage hair and be the cause of hair fall.

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