Neck lift vs. liposuction

It is simple to mistake neck liposuction and a neck carry as the similar process. In the end, each be capable of dramatically contour the jawline, underneath the chin and neck. Alternatively, those two beauty surgeries are very other; They each and every deal with other traits of getting old, be offering other results, and range a great deal on the subject of the restoration procedure.

Here’s a fundamental comparability of neck lipo and neck carry surgical procedures, together with the professionals and cons of each and every process. In finding out extra about which one is right for you: neck liposuction, a neck carry, or perhaps a aggregate of each procedures.

What’s neck liposuction?

With liposuction at the neck, particular person extra fats deposits within the neck space are handled. When fats accumulates underneath the chin, it creates a double chin, nuchal ligaments, or each. This fats is regularly very proof against vitamin and workout. Neck liposuction is a extremely efficient way of doing away with undesirable fats from underneath the chin and neck, permitting an skilled supplier to create a tighter, extra contoured cleavage.

How is neck liposuction carried out?

Neck liposuction typically calls for 3 small incisions which are smartly hidden underneath the chin and in the back of each and every ear. A small tube, known as a cannula, is then inserted on the incision websites to completely suck out fats cells from the world. The method paperwork a younger, contoured cleavage.

Who’s the perfect candidate for neck liposuction?

Liposuction of the neck handiest eliminates fats and does no longer repair the sagging pores and skin. As a result of this, anyone with excellent pores and skin elasticity is the perfect candidate. This permits the outside to tighten by itself after the underlying fats has been got rid of. Basically, pores and skin elasticity is absolute best in more youthful sufferers.

Earlier than and after liposuction

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What’s a neck carry?

A neck carry is a surgical process that corrects sagging pores and skin, wrinkles, and tissue laxity within the neck space. Even though there are lots of permutations of neck lifts, each and every sort improves the contour of the jawline, chin and neck. Nek-Elevate surgical procedure eliminates extra fats from the chin and neck space, tightens neck muscle tissue, eliminates unfastened, sagging pores and skin, treats sagging cheeks, improves the semblance of the jawline, and collars (rings shaped within the pores and skin across the neck). Jaws get up) smoothed nape). Neck carry is regularly blended with liposuction of the neck to take away fats after which tighten the outside.

How is a neck carry carried out?

Relying at the extent of your neck carry, the incisions will range. Some neck carry procedures require incisions starting from the hairline simply above the ears, previous in the back of the ears, to the hairline on the base of the neck. Some neck lifts can handiest be carried out with smaller incisions in the back of the ears.

All over a neck carry, the outside beneath the jaw is lifted and tightened towards the again of the ears, extra pores and skin is got rid of, and the incisions are then closed.

Who’s the perfect candidate for a neck carry?

A neck carry no longer handiest eliminates extra fats underneath the chin, but in addition tightens muscle tissue and pores and skin. Due to this fact, it’s supreme for other folks with age-related sagging pores and skin, wrinkles or deep neck bands. A neck carry is maximum repeatedly carried out along side a facelift, which considerably rejuvenates each the decrease part of the face and the cleavage.

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Neck Elevate vs. Neck Liposuction: The Variations


Even though each procedures may end up in a tighter and younger neck contour, there’s one key distinction. Neck liposuction eliminates extra fats underneath the chin and jawline. If the affected person does no longer have enough pores and skin elasticity, this may end up in over the top sagging of the outside. A neck carry might contain liposuction to take away fats, however it additionally tightens sagging pores and skin and muscle tissue, offering a considerably progressed neck contour.


Maximum surgical neck carry tactics are extra invasive than neck liposuction as a result of they contain the surgical elimination of extra fats and tissue and handbook tightening of the underlying muscle tissue. Due to this fact, a neck carry calls for longer incisions to permit the surgeon the get entry to had to carry out the process. Against this, liposuction (particularly complex lipotechniques like SmartLipo) is much less invasive, requiring only some small incisions.


Each procedures will also be carried out on an outpatient foundation or within the running room. Each procedures will also be carried out underneath native anesthesia with mild oral sedation, even supposing some surgeons might favor to accomplish the neck carry underneath basic anesthesia. A neck liposuction can typically be carried out in underneath an hour, whilst a neck carry can take 1 to two hours relying at the quantity of recontouring to be carried out.

Restoration (downtime)

Neck liposuction calls for much less restoration time in comparison to a neck carry as a result of it’s much less invasive. Continuously, sufferers with neck liposuction are discharged right away, normally go back to paintings or mild job inside 3-4 days, and are normally ready to renew workout inside 2 weeks.

Neck carry sufferers, alternatively, can be expecting an extended restoration time, as maximum sufferers are ready to go back to paintings or mild actions inside two weeks. The neck carry restoration procedure can regularly be extra painful as neck mobility is specific for weeks. Neck stretching workout routines are advisable for each procedures, starting right away after liposuction and starting 1 week after neck carry surgical procedure.

In neck liposuction, the sutures are typically dissolvable, whilst a neck carry comes to non-absorbable sutures that wish to be got rid of after a couple of week.


Whilst any surgical process may end up in scarring, there’s a higher likelihood of visual scarring with a neck carry than with liposuction. That is because of the longer incisions required in a neck carry. Alternatively, for each procedures, skilled surgeons will strategically position the incisions in puts the place they are going to stay hidden. As well as, there are a large number of choices for scar remedy to attenuate the semblance of any scars that can broaden.


Whilst the price of plastic surgery can range broadly from affected person to affected person in line with their explicit wishes, a neck carry is most often thought to be dearer than neck liposuction as a result of this can be a extra sophisticated and long process. Alternatively, just a non-public session with an skilled plastic surgeon is the one solution to to find out the precise value of the process.

Which process is best for you?

In case your neck space displays indicators of sagging pores and skin and/or muscle tissue, you are going to most likely receive advantages extra from a neck carry, which might or won’t come with neck liposuction. Neck liposuction by myself is best fitted to more youthful sufferers with good enough muscle tone and tight pores and skin who merely wish to take away fats pads to tighten and tighten the neck contour. All over a face-to-face session, a board-certified plastic surgeon skilled in each neck lipo and neck lifts can assess the traits of your neck and resolve the most efficient remedy approach to deal with each and every affected person’s distinctive wishes and desired finish end result to succeed in.

Cameron Craven, MD, FACS

Cameron Craven MD, FACS is licensed by means of the American Board of Plastic Surgical procedure. dr Craven focuses on the whole spectrum of plastic surgery, together with breast augmentation, liposuction and frame contouring, facial rejuvenation, laser surgical procedure, eyelid surgical procedure and rhinoplasty, and reconstructive surgical procedure for pores and skin most cancers.