Benefits of superfood moringa

We know it’s as Moringa. But in English its name is drumstick. However, although its name is wondering it is a very essential life-saver plant and vegetables. There are many countries in the world that keep researching over moringa. They find many beneficial characteristics of it for the human being. From ancient times, it has been using as a medicine besides vegetables.

The moringa trees are available everywhere besides the road and your dwelling home. Moringa leaves may be used as vegetables and it is very effective to boost up energy and interest to eat more food. It is full of vitamins A, B, C, nicotinic acid, protein, fat, and carbohydrate. We know that moringa just nutritious food but it has medicinal benefits also.

It has super power to make you healthy

It is very effective to prevent cold cough, improve the working ability of the liver, worm killer and boost up energy in your body. Its leaves and fruits contain an amino acid that is effective to reduce arthritis. You may get oil from its seeds which may use for natural medicine for relief from arthritis.

Moringa trees are a minerals powerhouse. Because of its all parts are using for different angels. From its branch to its seeds all of them are useful for our body. Its nutrition value is more than any other healthy food. It contains vitamin C seven times more than oranges. It has calcium 4 times more than milk. It has potassium 3 times more than banana. Its protein is 2 times more than milk and its vitamin 4 times more than carrots. It is very beneficial to plant in different angels. It can protect bacteria and it is an amazing cleanser. All parts of it can be used as a tea. Now many researchers say that it is supertrees and its leaves are a superfood to fill up your daily body demand.

Moringa leaves are highly used for made of drugs. In each 100gm moringa leaves there contain 6.7gm protein, 1.7gm fat, and 12.5gm vitamin C. Besides this, there contains vitamin A, B, and enough fibers. Moringa leaves are a great source of calcium. You may eat moringa leaves in different ways as a curry with other vegetables or dry powder as a tea or making cake with it.

Moringa will increase the taste

Moringa leaves have very beneficial elements like its branches. You may eat as an allowance, vegetable curry or any other process. It will help you to increase your taste.

Prevent shortness of breath

If you drink moringa leaves juice it will prevent shortness of breath, asthma, and hesitation. Besides this, if you have gastric or gas in your stomach you may drink moringa juice with ginger powder and hin.

Control blood pressure

Many doctors think that if you are suffering from blood pressure you may drink ripe moringa leaves juice two times a day. Drink 2-3 teaspoon of it before taking a meal. It will reduce blood pressure. However, if you have diabetics you should exclusion this.

If you have dandruff in your head you may rub moringa leaves in your head. It will remove dandruff from your scalp. Moringa leaves juice has a very effective power to kill bacteria.  

Its flower may eat as a curry with other vegetables. It will remove spleen, cold cough, and boost up the working ability of the liver. You may use moringa leaves as a worm killer.

Its branches have amino acid which is very effective to prevent arthritis. You may collect oil from moringa seeds. It is very effective to prevent leprosy. Besides this, its root and seeds may be used for the problem of snakebite.

You may eat soup with moringa leaves. Sometimes our taste is destroying for much reason. There is no better option than moringa leaves to back your taste. We know that vegetables mean nutrition. However, moringa is not only vegetables but also it is a medicine tree.

In research of FNSK shows that moringa may be used to prevent anemia, joint pain, cancer, constipation, diabetics, diarrhea, heart pain, blood pressure, kidney stones, improve breast milk, etc.

It is very effective to boost up human sexual power. It will improve sexual energy and time when disappointment feels. It will also increase sexual feelings for women.

Moringa may be used as a pain killer. If you feel pain in any parts of your body you may apply moringa root. It will give you relief from pain. If you feel ear pain, you may apply moringa root juice in the ear. If you feel a headache, you may eat moringa or apply it in your forehead. It will reduce a headache. 

Like moringa, its leaves have also more benefits. Its powder can be used as a tea and it has more calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc than milk. It will control cholesterol in your body. It will reduce the bad cholesterol level and raise the good HDL cholesterol level. It will balance the sugar level in the human body and helps them to fight against diabetics. It will help your digestion system to work properly and remove constipation. It will gather nutrition and energy in your body. It will save your liver and kidney. It will help to lose weight and increase the ability to produce more breast milk for mothers. If you feel gas in your stomach you may eat moringa leaves juice with salt. If someone has been a bite from the dog they should eat moringa leaves juice with garlic, turmeric, salt, and peppermint. It will destroy dog poison.

If you wanted to abortion your baby, you may use the bark of moringa trees. You may enter it in the uterus. The road will be spread and abortion may occur easily.

Moringa is a medicinal vegetable. It has been identified moringa trees as more powerful and best nutrient trees among all of the vegetables and nutritional vegetables. For its nutritional characteristics in Africa, moringa trees are called magic trees.

Moringa is using to prevent more than 300 diseases. Moringa contains vitamin with every essential amino acid, for that reason the scientist is said that “Moringa is nutrition dynamites”.

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