Amazing Health Benefits of Litchi

Litchi is summer fruits and very tasty. It has been available for a small of the time. But some of the peoples are starting to store them for a long time. For its short time availability its demand very high.

It is considered that litchi is Chinese fruit. The Chinese consider it a fruit of love and romance. One research shows that firstly litchi has been growing in china and spread vastly. Its scientific name is Litchi chinensis. Its growth is very slow. When its flower bloom in the trees it looks very charming. In the spring when the trees full of fruits the trees turn into more beautiful charming fruit trees. Structurally the size of litchi is like an egg and its length is 3-5cm. almost 10gm each of them.

This is the second polyphenols fruits

Litchi is seasonal fruits and it is a great source of food energy. It has minerals which are very essential for the human body. It is a good source of sugar and vitamin C. both children and old everybody cat eats these fruits and all of them like this already.

In one research Mrs. Farah Masuda shows that it has a small amount of protein and fat which is essential for the human body. In each 100gm litchi, there has 1.1gm protein and 0.2gm fat. Litchi has enough amount of whitish. In each 100gm litchi, there has 13.6gm whitish. Besides this, it has .02gm vitamin B1, 0.06gm vitamin B2, and 0.5gm mineral salt.

 Litchi has enough amount of vitamin C which is better for skin, teeth, and bones. In each 100gm litchi, there has 31mg vitamin C. It is very helpful to prevent various skin diseases and scarves. Otherwise, vitamin C is very effective in brightening your skin and very effective to remove wrinkles.

In each 100gm litchi, there has 10mg calcium. Calcium will help your bones to be stronger and keep it healthy. You may find some iron in the litchi which also beneficial for your body.

Besides this, litchi has thiamin and niacin which has increased its nutrition. These kinds of vitamin will boost up your digestion system.

Litchi is a good source of energy. In each 100gm litchi, you will find 61kcal energy. It will reduce the amount of cholesterol from your body and will help to reduce fat from your body. It has digestive fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants which will store in your body and keep it fit and healthy.

Litchi has a special element name oligonol which work as antioxidants and ant influenza. It will help your blood to circulate properly and protect from ultraviolet rays and lose weight.

Litchi is working to protect cancer in the human body. It destroys the cell which is the cause of cancer. It has flavonoids that are very effective to protect breast cancer. It has magnesium and potassium which will reduce the risk of heart disease. It works for regular blood circulation and control blood pressure.

Health benefits of litchi

It will increase your energy in your body because it will increase the number of fluids.

It is a good source of vitamin C and it has 40% more vitamin C than an orange.

It has beta carotene more than carrots.

It has unsaturated fatty acids.

It will help you to absorb the necessary vitamin with beta-carotene.

Litchi will help your stomach to digest more foods because it has more carbohydrates and fibers.

It has calcium which is very effective to keep well your bones, hair, nails, and skin. The older woman who has their menopause, litchi is very effective for them. Because they need so more calcium and litchi has enough of it.  Otherwise, it will help you to prevent more seasonal diseases.

It is very effective to care for your skin and hair. It will manage energy for your skin and hair. And protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

It has a vitamin B complex named niacin and riboflavin. Vitamin B complex will boost up your energy and reduce itching.

Litchi is a good source of vitamin A which is a must for your eye care. It will reduce the risk of blurry vision, cataracts and some diseases of the cornea.

Litchi will reduce dirt from your skin and help to develop the brain.

Litchi is very effective for oily skin. It will remove oil from the skin and reduce the risk of acne. Reduce the folding from the skin and remove wrinkles from the skin. It is very effective to remove pigmentation from the back and uterus. It will absorb water in your skin and hold your age. Make you young like the Japanese.

Litchi has a good amount of fiber and vitamin B complex which is very effective to improve metabolism.  If metabolism energy will decrease your body gathered fat. Litchi is very helpful to improve this metabolism system and help you in your weight loss process.

Litchi is a great source of vitamin C and it is very helpful to improve your immunity. There are some antioxidants with vitamin C in the litchi so that it can prevent some dangerous diseases easily.

Humans will older with age it is the general process. But at this age, the bad weather and pollution make us older so quickly. The main cause of seems older for us is free radicals. If you protect these free radicals you may save yourself from these types of problems. Research shows that only antioxidants can protect free radicals. The people who eat so more fruits with antioxidants may prevent this problem. Litchi contains enough amounts of antioxidants, so it will help you to protect free radicals and give back your young look.

The journal of nutrition published that- litchi has 15% of polyphenols which give it the second position of polyphenols fruits. Litchi is better than any other fruit to keep your heart well. It will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol LDL and raise the good cholesterol HDL level. For this reason, the blood circulation process works properly in your heart and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The first position of polyphenols fruits is grapes.

It contains more fiber so that, it can boost up your digestion and prevent the disease from the stomach. Besides this, litchi is very helpful to clean your stomach and colon. For this reason, it has a great influence to reduce constipation and keep regular bowel movement. If you suffering from constipation you may eat litchi easily it will help you more.


Litchi is warm fruits so should not eat more litchi without season. if you are suffering from uncontrolled diabetics or blood pressure you should keep away yourself from the litchi.

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