How to get bright and glowing skin

Every person wanted to be bright. Brightness and smartness is the main target of our modern generation. Every case we are finding bright skin to get a partner. In modern society, brightness is the trend. For getting bright skin and a bright face we are trying in many ways. But the maximum time we could not get a better result. Today in this article I will share some tips which will help you to touch your goal.

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Brightness will appear from the dark.

Do not bound yourself just in the reading you may try for the better result-

Protect your skin from the Sun

Protect your skin from the sun as more as you can. Using sun-glass, umbrella, and hate for protection from the sun. Do not forget to use sun skin cream while going out of the shade.

When you going near ice and water beside the river, swimming pool or ocean. Keep yourself in full protection from the sun. Use sun skin cream, because the Ice and water reflect the ray of the sun which is better harmful to your screen.

Unfortunately, If you feel your skin has been burned?

If you feel your skin has been burned crashing some sesame and mixed it with some normal water. Then filter the mixture. Now you will get a white liquid. Apply this in your skin especially were burned. It will recover the screen and turned into bright.

Home Remedies for getting bright skin.

Milk and curd for brightness-

If you wanted to get a bright face you may apply milk. Wash your face with milk and wipe your face with fresh raw milk. It will give you a brighter face which you deserve.

You may apply curds in your face for twenty minutes each time. Then wash it off. You should continue this process any three days in a week for better results.

For Oily skin-

If your skin is oily and you wanted to turn it brighter you may apply these tips-

  • Take a liquid lemon and the white part of the egg equally. Then mixed it well. You should apply this mixture in your face and left it for twenty minutes. Then wash it off clearly. You may get a better result.
  • Sometimes your skin showing attitude as dark because of dead skin cells covered it. For remove it-

You may apply these tips. Crashing some mung-bean and mixed it with some water. Scrub your face with the mixture at least one day in every week. It will give you brighter smooth skin.

  • Take a teaspoon of dry orange peel powder, one teaspoon of fenugreek and impaste with the pure orange juice. Then apply it in your face and neck well. After sometimes washing it off with water. It will give you a better result for your oily skin.

For your Dry skin-

If you feel your skin is dry and you wanted to turn it bright. You may apply these tips-

  • Take two spoons of raw milk, two spoons of potato juice left it for cold. Then use it as a cleanser for bright skin.
  • Take some sandal, Milk cream and a small amount of turmeric. Then mix them well and apply it in your face. It will make your face bright and charming.
  • Take one teaspoon of red gram powder and mixture it with the milk for the whole night. Then apply it in your face and neck. After twenty minutes you should wash it off for better results.

For Normal skin-

  • If you wanted to brighten your whole body take some pea-flour, curds and a small amount of turmeric. Then mixed it well. You may apply this mixture instead of soap while taking a bath.
  • Sometimes your hands, legs, knee, and elbows turned into dark. To remove this darkness take half a cup of papaya, one teaspoon of lemon juice, half part of egg white, one teaspoon of honey. Then mixed it better. Apply this in those areas where the darkness exists. Let it dry, then wash it off. It will remove the darkness and let you feel better bright skin.
  • Take half of a ripe banana and some cucumber juice. Then mixed it well. Apply these remedies in your face for half an hour. Then wash it off with cold freshwater. It will turn your face brighter.
  • For full-body brightening take some pea-flour and pure mustard oil and mixed them. Apply the mixture on your whole body before taking bath. Left it for half an hour then complete your shower.
  • Take some honey and lemon juice. Mixed it and apply it in your face. left it at least fifteen minutes. Honey will turn your skin bright, and the bleaching characteristics of lemon turned your skin charm brighter and smooth.
  • There are some people whose lip is dark. Don’t be depressed. Take some lemon juice, honey, and massage cream. Mixed them well. Massage the mixture on your lips two times each day. Within a month you will get a better result. You may apply this remedy for removing the black shade from your eyes.
  • Sometimes your knee, elbows, and foot turned into dark. It looks not well at all. Black spots may effect and your skin may turn into hard. If you wanted to prevent this problem-

Take two teaspoons of salt, two teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of soda (which you can eat). Mixed it and keep the mixture in the cold freeze. Every day prepares a pack with the mixture and lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply this pack in the place where it feels dark. Keep it 20 minutes. Then wash it off well and massage the area with a little cream.

It will remove the darkness at all.

I am trying to give you some exclusive tips for getting brighter skin. I think It will help you. If you wanted to know more, feel free to write to us.

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