Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro, Many people think that applying nail polish is not a big issue. But they land up all sloppy. Nail polish remover not only annuls off the old color but also the grease from the nails and makes the new color coat stay put for a longer period.

Apply a thin coat of nail polish, let it dry, and then apply another coat. It is recommended to use the remover and apply nail polish only once or twice a week to prevent your nails from drying. Even if you do this, be sure to use removers with built-in moisturizers to keep your nails healthy. There are particular methods that you should keep in mind when you apply nail polish. Keep in mind you are not painting, you are applying nail polish to make your nails fascinating.

Picking the right nail polish can go a long way in making sure that your nails get the best beauty enhancement. The very first step in opting for the right nail polish is to take basic care of your nails. So first of all let’s look at a few tips which will help you take distinctive care of your nails.

Apply a normal or contrasting color whatever you like on your nails. After it is dry cut the designs you desire from the fake tattoo and put it on your nail just as you would on your skin. Other lucubrations quick-drying nail polishes are available that will dry quickly, but they may also tend to chip off easily. Strong and prolonged nail polishes are also present. Depending on your requirements and environment you can select one of these. While selecting your nail polish you should also remind your general health and allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you should select hypoallergenic and unscented nail polishes.

For formal or semi-formal occasions and first meetings, light colors and basic neutrals are best. Match your toe and fingernail polish if your toes peek out! Get them painted at the salon after your mani-pedi. But there is no shortcut to healthy nails. Routine nail care goes a long way in keeping your nails healthy and attractive.

Steps for how to apply nail polish?

  • Clean the old nail polish, if there is any.
  • Apply some cream on your hands but not on your nails.
  • Select a pot of colored polish, and roll it between your hands to warm it up. Don’t shake it, as this can make it bubbly.
  • Apply two coats of color, or as many as you need to get the desired effect, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
  • Apply the polish in smooth strokes from the base of the nail to the tip.
  • Lastly, do nothing for at least five minutes – longer if you can manage it.
  • At the end do not forget to dress your hands a bit by wearing cool rings.


  • If you have a serious visual impairment, you desire to want to lay down some newspaper when you put on the polish, so you don’t divulge any on the floor or carpet.
  • Avoid the use of white nail polish.
  • Remember the weekly hand massage. This increases blood circulation and aggravates nail growth.
  • When removing the brush from the bottle, expunge the brush on the bottle tip to remove any dripping from the brush.
  • Do not apply a thick coat of nail polish, always use one-by-one application of nail polish.