7 Secret tips for Hair Growth

Long hair? Wow! When I see pretty long hair my mind changes with joy. Every girl and boys love hair. Especially every boy finds his partner with nice hair because of girls with nice long hair looking more charming than short hair girls. So that every girl likes too long her hair. Hair can change a face. Hair can increase the beauty of a man. It’s said that hair is the symbol of beauty. Everybody loves pretty long hair. There are so many products in the market they are saying it will raise your hair distance. But most of the time they are failed. In this article, I will discuss some tips which will really help you to raise your hair and make you charming. And it is guaranteed!

Tips for long hair girl
Tips for long hair

Cutting hair regularly

If you wanted to ensure the continued growth of your hair you should trim your hair tip regularly. You should trim at least one time every two months. It will save you from a broken tip and hair damage. Otherwise, If you wanted to get a beautiful hair shape you should trim your hair tip regularly.

Brush your hair regularly

It is not enough to just combing your hair but also brush your hair regularly. Every day 10 min brush your hair. It will help you to blood circulation to the hair root and create stronger hair.

Eat foods with protein

You should change your diet list. It will help you not only in hair growth but also protect other problems from your body. Add more foods that contain protein. Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, milk, etc. it will produce more carotene which will help you to raise your hair.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very good remedy for hair growth. Extract 2/3 aloe Vera leaves and mix it with honey. Rub this mixture on your scalp and the root of your hair. Keep it at least 20 min. Then rinse it well.

You may try another aloe Vera pack-

Blend some tomatoes and mix it with aloe Vera and olive oil. Warm this mixture then apply it. Keep it as you wish. Both of the packs work well for hair growth.

Use Biotin

Biotin is one kind of vitamin B that dissolves with water. It will help you to grow your hair. So you may try these remedies.

Keep clean

It is very important to clean your hair. Use shampoo regularly to keep your hair clean. Firstly pour shampoo in your palm from the bottle then mix some water with it. Apply this mixture on your hair and rinse it well. Use your fingures for brushing your hair and then rinse it in your scalp.

Be careful about the conditioner. Keep away it from your scalp. It is not well for the skin.

Sleeping well

Well, sleep is an initial requirement for healthy long hair. For cell alternation and cell growth, you should sleep at least 6/7 hours a day.

After all this the tips for your hair growth. Keep away yourself from chemical products and try this natural product by Applying these tips. It will help you to grow your hair quickly and naturally.

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