Everything you need to know about bean

Bean is a seasonal vegetable. Generally, it is available in winter. But most of the country starts to store them. Bean if full of protein, fiber, vitamin, and mineral. Those people who do not eat protein directly, I mean do not prefer to eat fish, meat and like these types of foods. Bean seeds maybe perfect food for them. It is full of protein and it can fill up your daily demand easily. If you have any kind of prohibition to eat protein you should go to the doctor and take advice from them before eating bean seeds. There are so many people who face many skin-related complications in the winter, they should eat bean more in the winter. It will save your skin from many winter complications like dry skin and rush.

you should keep it in the first line in your desire vegetables.

It is very tasty and popular for all kinds of people. The raw bean seeds contain a huge amount of protein and whitish. So that it is very beneficial vegetables in your vegetable list. It contains enough calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, B, C also. They can play an important role to fill up our daily body demand.

There is almost 28 category of bean has been grown. Among them, French bean, phaseolus Vulgaris, snap bean, salad bean, green bean, kidney bean, haricot bean are more famous as vegetables. There some categories also available which we are using as pulse-like dry bean and naval bean.

Bean nutrition value

There are in each every 100gm vegetables raw bean has 85gm water, 48kcal energy, 3gm protein, 6.7gm sugar, 0.4gm mineral salt, 210mg vitamin B1, B2, C and calcium, 1.7mg iron, 187micro mg carotene, and enough amount of fiber.

Health benefits of bean

Digestion- The bean contains enough amount of food fiber so that it is very helpful to digest your food more easily. It will help your bowel movement easily and help to prevent diarrhea. It will increase the energy of the stomach and reduce the inner heat of your body.

Cholesterol- Bean is effective to reduce bad cholesterol from your blood cells. It will help you to reduce the LDL level and help your heart to work properly. It may reduce the risk of many heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks.

Immunity- In research shows that the bean has some extraordinary power to boost up your immunity system. It works for not only boost up your immunity but also work to keep in distance some disease from your body.

Malnutrition- there are so many women suffering from leocoria. Bean will help to prevent it and fill up the child malnutrition easily.

Food poison- there is some food like fish that may occur food poison. You may use the bean as a food poisoning antidote protector.

Haircare- the bean has more protein and minerals which is essential for your hair care. It will help you to reduce hair loss and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Pregnancy- In the bean, there has enough silicon which works for strengthening the bones. Besides this, it has foliate which is very essential for pregnant mothers.

Skincare– In the winter season your skin faces many kinds of complication like dryness and looks like it has no lives. If you eat bean regularly it will keep your skin well and keep away from many skin diseases.

Cancer- bean has fiber and antioxidants which can be used to preventing colon cancer.


Bean is a very beneficial vegetable but it has a little amount of harmful cyanogenic glucoside. So you should not eat more beans at a time. The dry bean contains it more, so when cooking the dry bean seeds you should boil them and change the water at least one time. Some people may vomit after eating.

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