Drinks water to remove cold flux.

Drinks water to cure cold.
Drinks water to cure a cold.

Cold flu and cough is a very common problem for us. In the time of cold, we passing our days with nose-pulled. This is not a good situation for anybody. It is very irritating. But specialists are saying that- If you wanted to relief from this situation you have just drunk water several times every hour. Water can remove cold flux. Although in the winter season everybody avoids water if you make it closer to you it will help you to get rid of it from cold.


  • If you feel cold or cough, drinks so much water. Water will help you to hold moisture in your body. So cough can’t be dry. If it can’t dry it will come out easily.
  • Not only drinks water but also wash your hand face and eyes with clear fresh hot water.
  • Do not avoid taking bath when feeling cold flux. Mix salt in hot water then takes bath with that water.
  • Seating sometimes with sink your foot into hot water before going to bed.
  • Herbal tea, red tea or hot water should drink every hour.
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