What are the sign and symptoms of breast cancer?

Breasts are made up of fat, supportive (connective) tissue and glandular tissue containing lobes. The lobes (milk glands) square measure wherever breast milk is created. They hook up with the pap by a network of fine tubes known as milk ducts.

Sign and symptoms of breast cancer
Sign and symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer can update in breast cells. Breast cancer can transform your breast in an abnormal shape. Nowadays breast cancer spread in generally to the woman white and black including other races. Many women are suffering from breast cancer and the number is increasing day by day. For the lacking of breast cancer awareness, many women do not know the causes and symptoms of this invasive disease. For this reason, this disease hampered more Just for not coming to the doctor.

The Sign and Symptoms of breast cancer:

A change in size and shape

Most of the changes in the breast are not a sign of breast cancer. But some of the change may be the sign of breast cancer. Best is this when anybody can feel any kind of abnormal change or pain in the breast should be a checkup or got a consult from the doctor as soon as possible.

Breast or nipple pain

Some of the cases there is maybe the pain in the breast and specific nipple. This may also a sign of breast cancer.

Lump or tumor

Can you feel a lump or swelling within the breast, higher chest or armpit? you would possibly feel the lump, however not see it.

Skin changes

If you feel some changes in your breast skin tissue might be dimpling or swelling is the warning sign of breast cancer. There are some other changes that may feel in the breast color. If would be some red and inflamed may be the warning sign of breast cancer.

Nipple change

If you feel any kind of changes in your breast nipple may one of them might become inverted (turned in) when it normally points out. May be noticed some unusual discharge from the nipple. May change come in the surrounded area of the nipple.  May be looks like some rust and crusting in the surrounded area of the nipple, you may feel pain also in your nipple.

Unintentional weight loss

If you feel your weight is unintentionally loss you may go to the doctor for a consult because some of the case breast cancer may be the cause of this issue.

The maximum time you could not feel symptoms in the first stage of breast cancer. But if you are aware of breast cancer when you feel any kind of abnormal characteristics of breast or any abnormal changes in your breast you may check-up and should go to the doctor for the consultancy. If you realize in the first stage your prevention is 99% sure. But maximum time women do not care about it and fall into a great problem of this invasive disease. So be aware of breast cancer and lead a healthy life.

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