Dates is the wonder for health and beauty

Many of us are fond of taking dates. But most of us don’t know that besides providing stamina, it has some other values to increase our beauty. For healthy skin and hair, it works like a magic wand. Dates contain a lot of vitamins A, B, K, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, protein vitamin, fiber, and iron.

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Dates for health and beauty

All these elements are not only beneficial but also useful for your healthy skin and hair. Taking dates regularly will provide you required the amount of your vitamin C which results in healthy skin and prevents you from skin diseases. In addition to it, the protein that it contains renews our body’s damaged cells.

Let’s have a look at how it helps us regarding our skin and hair:

Strengthen the hair roots

The extract that the dates contain remains full of protein. This oil removes the dryness of hair and hardens the hair root. As a result, hair can grow fast without any hurdles.

Tightens the skin

It is noticed that because of overweight or lean and thin, sometimes their skin seems Fosse or balmy. In that case, the date can come to one’s use as it softens and makes the skin cozy and hydrates the hair from inside of the skin for having its protein properties.

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Dates contain plenty of vitamin C, sulfur, phosphorus and fiber which help to reduce flopped to a great extent gradually.

Reduces stress mark

Dates have plenty of vitamin B which is congenial to health. The stress marks that arrives after the child giving birth, deserves the quality to reduce it. Dates are the fruits that can reduce this mark and it can almost vanish the mark of stress.

Reduces hair loss

As dates harden the hair root, so it reduces the hair fall. By taking a date daily, one can reduce hair loss of up to 80%.

So let’s make it a habit to take 2.3 dates in a day and keep us healthy.

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