Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening

Banana is very nutritious and delicious. It is full of Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin, fiber, and minerals. If you ask me is it possible to whiten my teeth with banana teeth? My answer will be yes! And some of the people also believe that it is true and works well for getting whitening teeth and producing a brighter smile easily. The American Dental Association (ADA) also suggests banana peel for teeth whitening such as with other fruits like strawberry, lemon, and orange peel.

banana peel
Banana Peel is Perfect for Whiten teeth

Now the days there are so many modern experienced dentists in our society. There are so many chemical well-known toothpaste also which we are using daily for our dental care. But Once upon a time, there was no good dentist or good toothpaste for the care of their tooth. They did not use any kind of modern toothbrush for care there tooth also. Now is the question appeared that if they did not have any modern thing for whitening or care their smile what kinds of thing did they use for whitening their teeth. How they remove yellowness from their teeth? There were so many home remedies that would help them to dental care. Among all of them, one was banana peel to get white teeth.

What are you thinking about now? Is it possible? Yes! This is not impossible and this does not lie also. Banana peel really can whiten your teeth scientifically. So forget about your dentist and save your money from them. Get white nice teeth only in the home with the banana peel. However, if you wanted to get whiten teeth in the home with banana you have to follow some instructions carefully. Today in this article will tell you about that.

There are so many minerals in the banana peel. Especially Potassium, magnesium, and manganese. And those are the best element for change your teeth into white. There are so much calcium and vitamin D in the banana peel which is essential to increase the strength of your teeth and they also help the tooth to absorb other minerals.

banana peels

How do they work?

  • If you wanted to apply it more effectively you have to prefer the right banana. The absolute ripe banana is perfect for that. Do not prefer highly ripe banana. Prefer banana which ripeness in the middle. Which roots are green also in this time because they contain so much potassium and it is the main element for your teeth whitening.
  • Now take the peel from the banana. Cut some small pieces of peel in square shape. You may cut it as you wish, you can store it in the freeze also for next use.
  • Now take one piece of peel and rub it well before starting the brush of your teeth. Prefer the inner side of your banana peel. Rub it well at least 2 minutes.
  • Take some time to brush your teeth. Maybe it should 10-15 min. And at that time do not eat or drink anything. After that, You should brush your teeth as regular.
  • Now the time to see the magic! Stand in front of the mirror and see how they work. You should find something to change at an early age. Continue it 4/5 days. After complete the time, you should find white shiny teeth.

If you think your teeth condition no well for over drinking or smoking this theory is perfect for you to get the whiten teeth like before.

Keep in mind –

  • This not magic. So if you wanted to get a brilliant result you should follow the instruction.
  • Rub at least two minutes. This time is important more time is preferable than less. After rubbing give time to absorb the minerals.
  • There is sugar in the banana peel. So brush it well and prefer just one time in a day.

This is a proven method. Don’t blame the remedies. If you try in the right way you should get the result. Try it with patience and follow the instruction.

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