What should do individually in a healthy relationship?

Healthy sweet relationship always wants something from you. A healthy relationship not only depends on both but also most of the time it depends from your actual faces your individual performance. In this article we wanted to discuss about this kinds of activities which are the first and foremost requirements of a healthy relationship.

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Your happiness depends on you

Always keep in your mind that the responsibility of your own happiness is yours. There is no more person to make you happy. In a relationship, your partner may be try to make you happy. But most of the cases you are the person who have to take responsibility of your own happiness.

Follow  through on your promises

Make good on your word. You should say something which you can do simply. Don’t say something that you may forget to do like cocking dinner, giving birthday gift or wishing for your partner. Its simply destroy trust which is the best important in long lasting healthy relationship.

  • If you have habit of forget anything you should maintain a planner book or maintain calendar and set up reminder in your phone.
  • Don’t give word or promise to your partner while you know you will fail them.

Learn to say sorry

If you feel that you have done something hurt to your partner, you should humble yourself and apologize sincerely without making any excuse. Say just sorry without adding anything. It is the very good virtue to say sorry.

Commit to changing behavior. Tell your partner about your mistake and trained yourself not to do anymore. Request to help you point it out to you while you are making this mistake again.

Be realistic

There is no possibility to expect agreements in every steps of a relationship. Every relationship has disagreements and days when staying isn’t the easiest choose. But it is necessary in a healthy relationship is choosing to resolve these problems and push through the hard days.

  • Review you expectation, if your expectation is not realistic and astronomical that no one could live up to them all the time. It will lead your relationship towards failure.
  • Sometimes accept the conflict. Remember that one argument isn’t the end of your relationship and there are no person who will agree with you all time.

Be a good listener

Be a good listener is all about paying attention to what they are saying without not blowing it off.

  • Always looking advice from your partner.
  • Listening will help your partner to resolve differences. It will help you to explore each other personality.
  • Sometimes your partner will search your ear to tell you about their problems and sometimes they wants to give you advice. Realize about the situation and try to attitude according to the situation.

Use affection to show love

The long lasting best relationships use affection to show love. Sometimes we do not wanted to show love to others especially to parents. Do not do this too much.

  • Do something for your partner by which they will truly appreciate.
  • If you feel them don’t to be afraid to show them your physical affection. Because lovely relationship will be strong with it. Little kisses, hugs and back-rubs that are the mainstays of physical affection.
  • Try to give them time and love. Try to kiss them after back home from work and some other places where its unexpected. It will increase the love to you.
  • Make sure you are always for them. Put them in your life as possible as you can.

Do not hide anything

Its good or bad in the relationship should not hide anything with your partner. Especially express your feeling to your partner more.

If something bad happens past n your life they need to know about it because that can affect still now. It will decrease the difficulties in your relationship.

You should discuss about your sexual performance to your partner. It should be before sexually involved with each other. It will help you to feel safe and free from judgment and they should expect the same.

Give them privacy

Everybody needs their own privacy. So, do not spy on your partner. Do not watch everything they do. If they cheat with you it will publish by its own. But if you wanted to spy but they are innocent, you will lose their trust and respect forever.

Express your love

It is important to express your love among man and woman.

  • Be honest and open. Let them know about your problem.
  • Do not say much just listen.
  • Enjoy each moment and realize that there will never be another one like it. Don’t fear of losing them and spend time with them where they might realize if they will lose you they will lose everything.
  • If you wanted to build up a successful sweet healthy relationship there should be based on mutual respect. If you wanted to make it healthy make happy to them with respect. Don’t pull down them it means you not respect to them.

Encourage your partner

Encourage your partner in every sphere of life their success. It will help them to realize you care about them. It will help them to make their feelings towards you and even more stronger.

Always notice your partner and appreciate them. If your partner do something new appreciate them and encourage them. It will make their days joyful.

Express feelings in words

A simple word can make you happy, can change your mode, can increase your feelings of love. If you just hear “Good Morning” from your partner. If you hear “You are Handsome” your day may start with great feelings. Sent text message to your partner “I miss you babe” when miss them. It will help them to more lovely to you.

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