10 habits that will seriously damage your kidneys

The importance of the kidney for the enter body and overall health Is huge as this bean-shaped organs filter around 120-150 quarts of urine , waste and excess fluid daily, and thus protect against the accumulation of waste in the body .

They are about the size of a first, and are located just below the rib-cage on both sides of the spine. Their function is to regulated the electrolyte levels and produce hormones that supports bone health, produce red blood cells, and regulate blood pressure.

Kidney damage habits
10 habits can damage your kidney.

Often times, the individual does not experience any warning signs of a damage of the kidney so it is crucial to learn how to take prevent active measures and support kidney health.

These are the 10 most common habits that leads to sever kidney damage over time and put a lot of pressure on these organs.

Excessive Alcohol Use:

The consumption of more than one drink daily several times a week increase the risk of kidney damage.as alcohol puts stress on the kidney and the liver.

Holding Urine:

Holding in urine often increases pressure which might cause kidney failure and kidney stones.

Not drinking enough water:

In the case of insufficient water in take, the waste and toxins that should be eliminated from the body start to accumulated and lead to severe kidney damage.

Save kidney
Save your kidney.

Excessive Sugar in Take:

Researchers have found that individuals who drink more than two sugary drink on a daily basis have more chances to have protein their urine. Which is an early symptoms of the improper function of the kidneys.

Excessive salt in take

The excessive levels of sodium might also lead to kidney damage as they apply pressure on these organs and raise blood pressure.

Sleep Deprivation:

Chronic sleep deprivation causes numerous health problems, including kidney disease, as the body needs to sleep and during that time to repair the damage to the kidney tissues.

Kidney damage symptoms
Should avoid kidney damage habits

Vitamin and mineral deficiency:

The function of the kidneys also depends on the foods you consume, so in case your body lacks some important vitamins and minerals. Like magnesium and vitamin B6, your kidney might not be able to work properly.

Excessive in take of coffee:

Caffeine causes stress on the kidneys and raise blood pressure, so its excessive use leads to damage of the kidneys after sometimes.

Pain killer Abuse:

Overt the counter and prescription drugs are often purchased as a treatment of aches and pains, but they are loaded with dangerous chemicals and thus lead to even more complication one of the patenting side – effects of the excessive use of these medications is severe kidney and liver damage.

Excessive protein in take :

The excessive in take of animal protein, (specially red meat) boosts the metabolic load on the kidneys, so the more protein you eat, the worse your kidneys will work.

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