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Health is wealth. Although health is the key to success, but people are getting sick. But if we follow some rules and regulation and follow some tips we can get healthy life.

Life for movement

God has created our complex body with 206 bones 650 muscles 330 joints. All this things wanted to work and they wanted to get busy. Otherwise it will be the cause of pain in your body, like bone pain, knee pain, Asteoperesis, pain in your backbones or whole body pain and it can create any other problems in your body. In this reason it is said that “Life for Movement”. If you wanted to active your bones there is no way without movement. That can be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. it will help you to active your heart and lungs for flow the blood to your all body. It is very effective to reduce your weight and knee or muscle getting stronger.

movement for healthy life
movement for healthy life

According to the Information of WHO- there are in the world every one person of four are in the risk for avoid hard work. The American Heart Association told that- everybody should do hard work at least 30 min in each day. It will give you freshness in your health and mind. It will reduce the risk of some invasive disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and some other heart disease. So, let’s getting some tips for movement-

  • You should walk or run regularly or jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing can be your regular activities. If you wanted to get rid of pain cycling may be the better solution. Students should go to the school by foot or by cycling.
  • You should give the chance to child or students for playing in the field. Teach them swim in their child age. Only swim can keep healthy by moving your every joint and muscles. If will reduce your high blood pressure and cholesterol control your diabetes, and keep fit your heart.
  • You should do some work by your own like washing clothes, cleaning home and garden and this like of task in your home.
  • You can use stair and avoid lift when go to top. Remind that it can be the alternative task of your jogging.
  • Keep away of your working place from your home and everyday go there with your foot.
  • Peoples who are went gym regularly they should do cardio type and muscle exercise with the help of professional physical trainer.
  • Play football, volleyball, handball and badminton etc.
  • If you can’t go out at all then you should do some movement like light jogging, sit-ups and the exercise like yoga.

Nutritious and Ideal foods

Nutritious and ideal foods are essential for people in every age. It is very essential for child and old people. It is said that ideal foods are the main element to be healthy. It can perform in your growth and prevent many kinds of dangerous disease.

Nutritious foods for healthy life
Nutritious foods for healthy life

There are so many problems in your body for vitamin D like pains. So, it is necessary to keep yourself in the sun at least 20-25 min in each day. The sun of morning is best for you. If there are any risk to be burn you should avoid the sun. You should choose foods which contains vitamin D. if your body demand vitamin D you can take supplementary with help of your doctor. Let’s know what kind of foods you should take-

  • You should keep sufficient fiber foods, vitamins and minerals foods in your daily food list.
  • Take small amounts of foods in your lunch and dinners.
  • To keep your body fit you should take sufficient fruits and vegetables.
  • Take healthy snacks for tiffin.
  • Take time when you eating foods and go through a proper way to proper digest.
  • 50-60% of your body consist of water. So, if you wanted to active your body your should take water several times. Take at least 10 glass of water in a day. Sometimes drinks water with lemon and honey.

What have to avoid?

Please control fast food. In this modern life this is the first term responsible for your fattiness.

  • After 40-50 years old you should avoid to eat fish and meat as possible. Especially avoid red meat like beef and mutton. If you eat this kind of meat it will create some Ironic problem in your blood.
  • Healthy drinks, energy drinks, soft drinks should avoid. Any kind of soft drinks increase 60% of your fattiness.
  • Consume low amount of sugar.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Use low amount of salt when cock. Do not take salt when eat.
  • Avoid using of burn oil several times. It can damage the ant-oxidant enzymes.

Control your weight

This is very essential to control your weight. And this is the big element of be healthy. Overweight means complex life. Overweight can create problems of your joint. So, anyway you should control your weight at all.

Stress management

Stress is responsible to harm your body and mind. Although always said to far away from stress but people can’t remove it. If stress exist in your mind one kinds of hormones out from adnalin grand and it spread toxin in your body. It can make narrow of your arteries. For this reason increase high blood pressure and it can makes a chronic effect in your heart and mind. Some skin problems, hair fall, feeling older is the problem of stress. For this reason to reduce stress or reduce pressure from mind you should do some enjoyable job like- reading books, singing, listening music, Touring to a nice place, flower gardening or farming etc.

There magic in anti oxidant

If you wanted to live like young and hold it long time there is no alternative way without antioxidant. There are always store some antioxidant in our body called natural oxidant. But eating fast food, stress, over tension, smoking, avoid work can damage your oxidant. You should keep food in your food chart with antioxidant to get rid of this situation. This type of foods can save you from many types of dangerous disease-

Fruits with carotene: Ripe banana, Papaya, mangoes, guava etc.

Foods produced by milk, egg and all kinds of fresh vegetables.

Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleep is the one of the best element to be healthy. There are so many people who can’t sleep sufficient for irregular life style, drinks alcohol or many other sickness. So many people are suffering from sleep apnia. There is no possibility for sound health and mind without proper sleep. For this reason blood will be produce low amount of hormones in your body which is the reason of hypertension and heart disease. So try to sleep within 10-11 pm and wake up early in the morning.

Sufficient sleep for healthy life
Sufficient sleep for healthy life

There are so many people do not know how many time should sleep. National Sleep Foundation of USA (NSF) has published a sleeping chart according to the age-

  • Child (0-3 months)-14 to 17 hours. But 11 to 13 hours can be sufficient but not more than 19 hours.
  • Child (4-11 months)- At least 10 hours and not more than 18 hours.
  • Child (1-2 years)- 11 to 14 hours.
  • Child (3-5 years)- 10 to 13 hours.
  • Child school period (6-13 years)- 09 to 10 hours.
  • Teenage (14-17 years)- 08 to 10 hours.
  • Adult teen (18-25 years)- 07 to 09 hours.
  • Adult (26-64 years)- 07 to 09 hours.
  • Olders (65 to more)- 07 to 08 hours can be ideal. But should not less than 5 hours and more than 9 hours.

Mental fitness

Mental health of a person can symbolizes about healthy. According to the WHO- Mentally fit situation is that when a person can do something for his family and society by expanding his/her ability and efficiency and fit him/herself  with the daily pressure of his/her production life. But increasing mental problem and dangerous health problem by tiredness, over tension and fobia. For the influence of this there are some vital element of your body are going to be damaged like-heart, kidney and liver with skin and hair. What have to do for mental fitness?

  • Always busy physically and mentally.
  • Always think positive, get rid of from over tension, negative thinking. Always try to be happy. It will make you healthy and create a charming environment also.
  • Do not live alone. Live with friends and family. Good and bad everything share with your best person.
  • Playing, Touring, drawing and do other recreational task which make you happy.
  • Do regular meditation, yoga and prayers.
  • Laugh is the best way to make you healthy. You can burn 1.3 cal in a min with just laughing. Laughing can active your arteries and heart.
  • If you feel any kind of mental problem you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Medical checkup

medical checkup for healthy life
medical checkup for healthy life

Child or adult, fit or unfit- medical checkup is very essential for every person. It is essential to check up at least one time whether you are fit in physically or mentally. Generally, people are do not  go to the doctor without feeling sick. But there are some disease in your body which are spread without showing any symptoms. Just think about kidney disease. It has five stages. It has no symptoms in the stage 1-3. In the stage of 4 and 5 it will publish some symptoms but in that time nothing to do. Like this, there are some other invasive disease can hide in your body like diabetes, cancer, strokes etc.

If you identify cancer in the first stage you can recover it. Again if you start treatment after showing symptoms the chances of recover 50:50.

So if you have any disease or not you should check up yourself at least one time in every year. It can reduce the risk of every dangerous disease.

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