The Health Benefits of Banana

Do you wanted to know a healthy and delicious fruits? Its answer in one word is banana. If you wanted to ask me what kind of goodness in banana? Then I should say the benefits of banana one by one. Let’s start…

There is no alternative of banana in our hand to full fill the body demand useful ingredients so cheaply as banana. There is no alternative to supply Iron in your body like banana. Banana is full of Vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber and manganese. There are three kinds of natural sugar in banana – sucrose, fructose, glucose. Besides, it’s full of fibers which give you instant energy at any time. Two banana will be enough for produce enough energy in perform at least 90 min workout. For this reason many famous athletics or any sports person fond of banana than any other fruits.

Banana fruits
Banana not famous for its color but also its nutrients and beneficial ingredients.

Banana is the great source of vitamin B6 which is essential for generating blood cells, produce more energy, produce metabolic amino acids, remove toxin from liver and kidneys and maintain a healthy nerve system.

Banana is full of vitamin C which is essential for produce collagen which is essential for healthy brighter skin, protect cell damage, It is helpful in your sleeping cycle, stress and pain remove and also will help you in some other body problem.

Banana for Remove Depression

There is tryptophan protein in banana which will produce serotonin in your body. Serotonin will help you to feel relax, Will change your mood well and will help you to feel happy at all.

Many researchers advised women to eat banana because it may able to control premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is a source of vitamin B6 which will control the amount of glucose in the blood and give you a refresh mind.

Banana for Prevent Anemia

 There is so much Iron in the banana. It will help to produce hemoglobin in the blood which will very helpful to control Anemia.

Banana for Control blood pressure

There are very good combination of potassium and salt in the banana. Banana is the great source of potassium and it contains a very balanced of salt. This is very helpful to control your blood pressure. Banana will control the blood sugar level easily. Banana is very essential to control your strokes and heart attacks also. The research shows that if you keep banana everyday in your diet list almost 40% of strokes will be reduces.

 The brain can absorb potassium easily and it will help you to in your brain health. It will very helpful to improve your attentiveness and help you to learn anything more quickly and remain it for long time.

Banana for Improve Digestion

The banana is full of fibers which is the very first element for maintain a healthy digestion system. If you suffering from constipation for long time, banana may help you to soft your bowel and it will be helpful for your bowel movement properly. Prefer ripe banana for improve digestion system. Green banana also may also help you in the time of diarrhea.

There are natural antacid in banana if you feel any kind of gastrological problem may prefer banana. It will help you to prevent it. It is very helpful for overcome ulcers. It is very helpful for reducing acidity in your stomach. Otherwise banana is very helpful to control your body temperature.

Banana for stress management

Banana is a great source of vitamin B6 which will help you to keep calm your nerve system. There are exist potassium which will help you to control heartbeat. It will help you to reach oxygen in the brain and give you freshness it is very helpful for your stress less life. It is very helpful to prevent seasonal effective disorder because it has mood enhancer protein tryptophan.

Banana is helpful to stop smoking

 Banana is the source of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, potassium and magnesium which is very helpful for reducing the effect of nicotine. So it will be helpful for stop smoking.

Banana for weight loss

If you are in so much pressure or in stress you may prefer so much junk food for your diet. In that situation it is very necessary to control your blood sugar. Banana is the fruits which can do it easily. If you take one piece of banana in every two hours it will control very easily.

Banana do not contains more calories on the other hand it is full of fibers and nutrients. You may eat more fruits and vegetables like banana with full of fiber and nutrients. It will help you to control your weight and it would be the best fruits for your weight loss mission.

Banana for healthy skin

Banana is one of the great sources of manganese and vitamin C and other some elements which are essential for your healthy bright skin. They are protecting against body cell and tissue damages. They produce more collagen and protect your skin and other cells from free radical damages.

Banana is very popular fruits and you may get it easily everywhere in the world. It is not famous for its color or charming looks but also its nutrients and beneficial ingredients. You may think it as super foods for your weight loss process. They may digestive due to its fiber and antioxidants contents.

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